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Uncapping Knife - Serrated Edge Multi-Function stainless steel knife for honey frame

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Uncapping Knife - Serrated Edge Multi-Function. To uncap your hives in a quick and effective way, there are many uncapping tools available in the market. Z-shaped stainless steel uncapping knife is one of the most convenient uncapping products.

With these knives, you can easily take the wax off of the hive surface and make your frames extraction ready. Z-shaped uncapping knives make uncapping easy and quick. So, get one of these and make your uncapping quickly.


Scraping off the wax, cleaning of hives, levering and lifting of frames, or pulling out any unnecessary nails.





304 Stainless steel knife material.

Wooden handle for grip.

One Side Sharp Blade

One Side Serreted

Curved Tail Bee Hive Hook