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Solar Street Light Motion Sensor Remote control outdoor light 1000W or 2000W

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Solar-Powered Home Outdoor Waterproof Courtyard Lamp Super Bright Street Lamp with Human Body Sensing Integrated Solar Street Lamp 1000W or 2000W


Remote control, outdoor lightning protection, rain protection, and corrosion protection. Dusk sensing, wide lighting range, avoiding the need for wiring.

Human body sensing, 20-meter radar sensor, high-brightness illumination when someone passes by, switching to low-brightness energy-saving mode when the person leaves the area.

Fifth-generation MT energy-saving technology, constant illumination on rainy days, and automatic adjustment of power consumption. Continuous illumination during over 10 consecutive days of rainy weather.

Automatic charging during the day, automatic illumination at night.

Waterproof and moisture-proof LED lamp beads, high quality, stronger brightness, longer lifespan.

Newly upgraded high-capacity lithium battery, longer lifespan, and stronger endurance.

Premium-grade solar panel, capable of charging even on cloudy days.

ABS engineering plastic shell, enhanced corrosion resistance, UV resistance.

A-grade high-conversion solar panel.

High-brightness SND2835 chips. Long lifespan, high brightness.

High-sensitivity radar, improved sensitivity to avoid anomalies and sensing issues.

Remote control adjustment, intelligent control.

High-performance, long-lifespan lithium battery.

This solar-powered home outdoor waterproof courtyard lamp, super bright street lamp with human body sensing and integrated solar technology, available in 1000W or 2000W, features remote control, outdoor lightning, rain, and corrosion protection, dusk sensing, wide lighting range, avoidance of wiring, human body sensing, fifth-generation MT energy-saving technology, waterproof and moisture-proof LED lamp beads, newly upgraded high-capacity lithium battery, premium-grade solar panel, ABS engineering plastic shell, A-grade high-conversion solar panel, high-brightness SND2835 chips, high-sensitivity radar, remote control adjustment, high-performance, long-lifespan lithium battery, etc. It is a highly premium solar lighting solution.

 2000W and 1000W is model only, not repersent the power



Brand Name: Changfeng

Power Supply: Solar

Charging Time:   4-5 Hours

Working Time: 48 Hours

Light Source: SND2835 LED

Power supply: built-in Lithium iron phosphate battery

Shell Colour: Grey

Light Colour: Cool White

Solar Panel: 6V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Motion Angle (°): 120

Beam Angle (°):120*60

Waterproof rate: IP67

Full Charging Time: 4-6 Hours

Material: ABS+ PC

Recommended installation height3-8M

Working Temperature: -25-60

Waterproof Level: IP67

Control system: Remote control

Battery capacity: 15000mah

Irradiation Area: 150 square meters

Working Lifetime (Hour): 80000

Suitable For 50cm Mounting Pole


Package Include:

1 x LED Solar Street Light

1 x 50cm Mounting Pole

1 x Remote Control

1x Manual