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Portable Fan Heater Home Office Speed Heater Air Heater

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Portable Fan Heater Home Office Speed Heater Air Heater


1.Low Wattage Space Heater 500W, 220V Push the button under the plug to adjust rotating degree. Low wattage heater is more economical than running a higher wattage space heater and will not overload the circuit. Great choice for people who live in a mild climate.

2.With LED Display & Timer from 1 to 12 hours LED display, continuously adjustable temperature control from 15 to 30 C including remote control, power connection can be swivelled through 90 for space-saving operation. Can also be conveniently controlled by remote control.

3.Quiet & Fast Heating Extremely quiet to heat up 10 m feet room well. It is for smaller places like offices or dorm room’s desk table indoors. Use it at home when you don’t want to heat up the entire house with other centralized heaters. It's very quiet so it won't keep you awake at night..

4.Digital Thermostat Unlike most space heaters just have options for low medium and high, but this gives you actual degrees. Ability to be adjusted by the desired temperature from 15-32°C or 60F to 90F. Set the thermostat to your desired temp and it turns itself on and off to maintain that temp.

5.Easy to carry 10*8.5*16.5cm Compact size makes it easy to carry it around wherever I want without any wires. The plug in heater mounts right on the receptacle and it doesn’t take up floor space or have a cord laying on the floor to trip on.


Product description

Voltage: 220V

Watts: 500W

Temperature: 15-32°C or 65F - 90F

Size: 10*8.5*16.5cm

Material: Plastic

Timer: 1-12Hours

Plug: 180 degree rotatable

Package included:

1*Space Heater, 1*remote control1*manual

Australia Plug