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Reptile incubator Intelligent Automatic Incubator for Snake,Python, Lizard and Gecko

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 Incubator High-quality Reptile incubator.

- Digital temperature control: temperature can be adjusted from 5°C~60°C, providing a constant temperature incubation environment. This is a professorial reptile incubator. Suitable for all kinds of reptile eggs including Lizard Eggs, Snake and Python Eggs, Turtle Eggs and for the incubation of Gecko Eggs. 


user-friendly, easy to set up the temperature and humidity 

Also this incubator can be used as queen cell incubator.

- Bright LED digital display temperature.

- The internal illumination switch is located on the front panel of the incubator, and can be easily switched on and off to view the incubation conditions without affecting the incubation process.

- The power switch is located on the front panel of the incubator and can be turned on or off during incubation.

- The two-layer slid-able compartment can take full advantage of the hatching space.

- The slid-able sink keeps the temperature for the hatching process.

- With easy-to-carry handle and car-board interface, the incubator can be used as an incubator to transport reptiles or amphibians; it is the best choice for transporting animals that require constant temperature.


  1. Power consumption: DC, the cooling power is 50 w, heating power is 40 w
  2. Operating voltage: DC 12 V and AC 220~240 V household or car

- AC (household): One end of the power cord is connected to the device and the other end is connected to an electrical outlet

- DC (Car): One end of the vehicle-mounted line is connected to the equipment and the other end is connected to the cigarette lighter port of the automobile

  1. Inner dimension: 270*239*370 MM
  2. External dimension: 340*417*477 MM
  3. The incubator come with AU plugs SAA certify

Package include:

1 × Incubator