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Fish Pond 2000 Litres 150x 100x70 cm outdoor fish pond

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Fish Pond Canvas 150x 100x70 cm (Blue colour only)
1000 Litres Fish Pond
Product Specifications: 100x150x70 CM
Collapsible Fish Tank/ Foldable Fish Tank
Color: Green
Package weight: 10 kg
water capacity: 1000 Litres

Life time more than 10 years

Current Stock are green colour


  • Aquaculture Perch, barramundi, trout fish farming.
  • Lobster/Prawn/Shrimp farming etc.
  • Turtle breeding etc.
  • Koi fish/Goldfish fish tank.
  • Aquaponics Pond


Product features

1. Specially designed for long-term breeding and can be used to raise aquatic animals such as ornamental fish. Waterproof and impermeable, non-toxic, odorless, tensile, scratch-resistant, non-scratch, high temperature resistance, high flame retardant rate.
2. The upper ring has velcro, which is convenient and simple to install, and the bracket is firm
3. 0.65mm Thickened thickness, with high-strength

polyester fabric, waterproof coating on both sides, no water leakage, service life more than 10 years.
4. The diameter of the thickened column is 4 cm, and the wall thickness is 3 mm to ensure that the water does not bend.
5. Large-flow valve-type drain, which is more convenient when changing water to the pool, and the size can be customized.
6. External reinforcement, the mouth and bottom of the fish pond are added with straps to strengthen the firmness of the product, making the fish pond stronger, scratch-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

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