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3500W Electric Cooker Infrared Cooktop Any pot Cooking Stove Glass

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3500 W infrared cook top Portable


Product Description: 3500 W Infrared Cooktop Portable


Experience the convenience and versatility of our 3500 W Infrared Cooktop Portable, a powerful and efficient cooking solution designed for both household and hotel use. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel housing, this cooktop delivers exceptional performance and durability.


Key Features:


  1. Powerful Heating: With a power output of 3500 W and a voltage of 220V, this infrared cooktop provides rapid and even heating, allowing you to prepare meals quickly and efficiently. Whether you're simmering soups, boiling water, stir-frying, or barbecuing, this cooktop delivers the heat you need.


  1. Multiple Cooking Functions: This cooktop offers a wide range of cooking functions to suit various culinary needs. Choose from options such as soup stewing, hotpot, stir-fry, steam & boil, porridge cooking, milk stewing, water boiling, and more. With 8 intelligent cooking functions, you can easily prepare a variety of delicious dishes.


  1. User-Friendly Operation: The cooktop features a touchpad and knob controls, providing convenient and precise operation. The 4-digit display allows you to monitor and adjust the cooking temperature accurately, ensuring optimal cooking results every time.


  1. Versatile and Compatible: This cooktop is suitable for use with any material pots, making it highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of cookware. Whether you're using stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, or other types of pots, this cooktop delivers excellent heating performance.


  1. Portable and Practical: The portable design of this cooktop allows you to easily move and position it as needed. It is perfect for small kitchens, camping trips, or any situation where a compact and efficient cooking solution is required. Its sleek and stylish appearance makes it a great addition to any kitchen decor.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of our 3500 W Infrared Cooktop Portable. With its powerful heating, multiple cooking functions, user-friendly operation, and portability, it is the ideal choice for both everyday cooking and special occasions. Upgrade your cooking experience and enjoy delicious meals with ease using this versatile and reliable cooktop.






Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Power (W)

3500 W

Voltage (V)



Soup Stewing, Hotpot, Stir-fly, Steam & Boil, Porridge Cooking, Stire-fry,

Milk Stewing, Water Boiling, Temperature Adjustment, Mild Fire Stewing,

Intense Fire


Touchpad, Knob

Product Name

Infrared Cooker


Hotel, Household


Suit for any material pots

Heating element

infrared heater


4 Digital Display

Cooking Function

8 Intelligent Cooking Function


Soup, steaming, boiling water, hot pot, barbecue, stir-fry