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Electric BBQ Grill Hot Pot Oven Pan 3in1 Barbecue Grill 2400W Plate Home

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3 in 1 Hot Pot Grill: Our electric hot pot grill combines a hot pot and 2 grill areas for multipurpose use, allowing you to enjoy hot pot and barbecue simultaneously. The 2.8L capacity hot pot contains a divider for carrying 2 tastes of food, while the grill plates adopt the groove design for skewers. Dual-purpose offers double fun.

Separate Dual Thermostat: Our hotpot and grill are equipped with 2 independent temp control knobs. You can precisely adjust the heating temperature from 356℉ to 464℉ with 5 speeds. With an 800W heating tube for the hot pot and 2 tubes with 1600W total power for the barbecue grill, our machine offers you a high-efficient and stable heating experience. In addition, it also has overheat protection, which will auto shut off when the temperature is up to 464℉.

Excellent Cooking Material: Made of cast aluminum with nonstick coating, the body of our hotpot grill combo is heatproof, easy to clean, and sturdy to use. The tempered glass lid is well-designed to block the steam inside and avoid accidents. Besides, the bakelite handles keep your hands from scalding during operation.

Innovative Design: The oil leakage outlets on the grill plate can effectively discharge excess oil and reduce the amount of smoke produced. The detachable design is convenient for you to clean the hot pot. The base plate has excellent heat insulation, ensuring that the heat remains in the cooking areas.

Versatile Use: This BBQ grill hot pot is perfect for 1-8 people in family gatherings, friend parties, and dinners. It is widely applied in heating and grilling meats, steaks, vegetables, shellfish, etc.