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Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun IR Gun -58℉~1112℉ for Cooking Gadgets, Barbecuing

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Non-contact infrared thermometer 

-58℉~1112℉ for Cooking Gadgets, Barbecuing, and Other Indoor Outdoor Activities

Compact,rugged and easy to use. Just aim and push the button, read current surface temperatures in less than a second. Safely measure surface temperatures of hot,hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contact.
How it works?
Infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of an object. The unit's optics sense emitted,reflected, and transmitted energy which is collect and focused onto a detector. The unit's electronics translate the information into a temperature reading which is displayed on the unit. For increased ease and accuracy the laser pointer makes aiming even more precise.
1.Temperaturerange:-50℃~550℃ (-58℉~1022℉)
2.Accuracy:-50℃~0℃(-58℉~32 ℉)±3℃; 0℃~100℃(32℉~212℉)±2℃;100℃degreesorhigher ±2℃/2%;Assumed that the working environment:23 ±3℃
5.Spectral response:5-14um
6.Emissivity Pre-set:0.95
7.Ambient operating range:0℃~50℃ (32 ℉~120 ℉)
8.Relatvehumidity:10-95%RH noncondensing,@ upto30℃(86 ℉)
9.Storagetemperature -20℃~60℃ (-4 ℉~140 ℉) withoutbattery
10.Weight/Dimensions 138g;152*80*38mm
11.Power AAA*2 Battery
12. Batterylife(Alkaline) LaserModels:16 hrs
13.DistancetoSpot Size 10:1