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10 L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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 10 L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Digital Heater Timer Jewelry Cleaning for Commercial Personal Home Use

Product Description: Ultrasonic Cleaner


Introducing our advanced Ultrasonic Cleaner, a powerful and efficient cleaning solution designed to deliver professional-grade results. Available in a capacities   of 10 liters, our Ultrasonic Cleaner is the ideal companion for various industries, including jewelry, electronics, automotive, medical, and more.


Key Features:


  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: Our cleaner utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to provide deep and thorough cleaning. High-frequency sound waves create microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution, which implode upon contact, removing dirt, grime, oil, and contaminants from the surfaces of items being cleaned.


  1. Versatile Cleaning Capabilities: With a capacity ranging from 1 liter to 30 liters, our Ultrasonic Cleaner can accommodate a wide range of items, from small delicate jewelry pieces to large industrial parts. Whether you need to clean intricate components, lenses, surgical instruments, or even firearms, our cleaner delivers consistent and reliable results.


  1. User-Friendly Operation: The Ultrasonic Cleaner features an intuitive control panel, allowing you to easily adjust the cleaning time, temperature, and other settings. The digital display provides clear visibility and ensures precise control over the cleaning process.


  1. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Ultrasonic Cleaner is built to last. The robust stainless steel tank and corrosion-resistant components ensure longevity and resistance to chemical damage, making it suitable for prolonged and frequent use.


  1. Advanced Safety Features: We prioritize safety in our design. The Ultrasonic Cleaner includes features such as automatic shut-off and overheating protection, preventing any potential damage or hazards. Additionally, the integrated drainage system simplifies the disposal of used cleaning solution.


  1. Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: Our Ultrasonic Cleaner is equipped with adjustable power settings, allowing you to customize the intensity of the cleaning process. This versatility ensures optimal results while minimizing the risk of damage to delicate items.


  1. Time-Saving Solution: Compared to traditional cleaning methods, our Ultrasonic Cleaner offers a significantly faster and more efficient cleaning process. With its superior cleaning capabilities, it reduces the need for manual scrubbing or soaking, saving you valuable time and effort.


Invest in our Ultrasonic Cleaner, and experience the transformative power of ultrasonic technology for your cleaning needs. Whether you're a professional in need of a reliable cleaning solution or an individual seeking a convenient way to restore the brilliance of your valuables, our Ultrasonic Cleaner is the perfect choice. Trust in its exceptional performance and unlock the true potential of pristine cleanliness.


Range of application:

  • Applicable industries: electronic workshops, industrial and mining companies, laboratories, hospitals, optical stores, jewelry workshops, watch workshops, mobile phone repair shops, office and home, etc.
  • Applicable cleaning objects: electronic products, laboratory supplies, office supplies, household supplies, motherboards and computer accessories, glassware, circuit boards, auto parts, hardware parts, medical equipment, dentures and dental equipment, glasses, necklaces , earrings, bracelets, watches, printer ink heads (No special cleaning liquid needed, just touch water), razor heads, tips, coins, badges, pacifiers, cups, wash fruits, vegetables, etc.

Specification for Ultrasonic Cleaners:


Size: 10 L

Ultrasonic Power: 240W  Heating Power: 400W  Inner Tank Material: 304SUS  Inner Diameter Size: 300*240*150mm  Outer Dimensions: 325*265*280mm  Time Settings: 0-30 minutes  Temperature Settings: Room temperature - 80 degrees Celsius, Capacity: 10L  Product Weight: 6.8KG

Comes with a stainless steel cleaning basket.