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High Quality Kraft Paper Bags 24 , Gift Shopping Carry Craft Brown Bag with Handles (260 GSM)

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24 cps Four sizes brown Kraft carry bags with a handle. These bags are strong, stand upright for easy loading and are ideal for holding takeaway food or large grocery items. With its wide base, the Large Carry Bag size is used by popular food delivery services and is ideal for restaurants and cafes. Paper bags are recyclable, compostable and reusable. 


Paper Weight 260 GSM


15(Wide) x 20(High) x 6(Deep) CM

20(Wide) x 28(High) x 10(Deep) CM

25(Wide) x 32(H)igh x 10(Deep) CM

30(Wide) x 40(High) x 10(Deep) CM


Large quantity enquirer welcome.