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Aquarium CO 2 Generator System Kit Professional with solenoid valve and Timer 5L

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Professional CO 2 generator system with stainless steel bottle, better than simple plastic bottle generators.

ZRDR CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide 2L with Pressure Gauge Automatic Pressure Relief Valve Bubble Counter for Aquarium Plants,Stable Output Sent Steel Bottle Base

 It is more reliable, steady, durable and efficient.

 Safety valve will open automatically when the pressure over the safe pressure.

 Bubble counter with check valve: Flow-rate of CO2 gas indication device and prevent water flow back into the regulator.

 Large amount of CO2 may cause fish dead. It is recommended to reduce the CO2 volume at the beginning, 1 or 2 bubbles per second. One time's reaction can last for 3 to 4

 weeks using.

 Come with a bubble diffuser , refine the bubbles and make it easy to dissolve in water and be absorbed by plants. Inject to your aquarium with CO2 quickly and easily.(CO2

 generator +Atomizer/CO2 Generator +Solenoid +Atomizer)

 Solenoid valve: To control the on and off of CO2 generator system using with a timer(not included). (CO2 Generator +Solenoid/CO2 Generator +Solenoid +Atomizer)

 Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you!



 Types: CO2 generator /CO2 generator +Atomizer/CO2 Generator +Solenoid/ CO2 Generator +Solenoid +Atomizer (30 cm)


Main material: Stainless steel


Voltage: AC 240V input (Australia Plug) ; DC 12V output (CO2 Generator +Solenoid/CO2 Generator +Solenoid +Atomizer)

Bonus: Timer socket, Bottle Base


Main color: Silver

 2L: Height: 47cm; diameter: 10cm; thickness: 0.12cm;

Solenoid Valve: W00-05A Single Head

Atomizer + air tube and + Check Valve


The Kit come with New Generation of external thread Stainless Steel Bottle (X version)


Please see the photos for external thread Stainless Steel Bottle and Valve


2L  1 Bubble/Sec  15 days for 24 hr/days (No fish in tank)

2L 1Bubble/Sec  45 days for 8hr/days  (With fish in tank)

5L 1bubble/Sec 45 days for 24 hr/days  (No fish in tank)

5L 1 Bubble/Sec 135 days for 8 hr/days (With fish in tank)


24 hours turn on CO2 is not recommend,  Plant is not grow without light, turn on CO2 at night is waste.  Always turn on 8 hours per day even without fish.


Add following Material to Stainless Steel Bottle:

1 L Bottle:  100 grams Citric Acid 100 Grams Baking Soda 150 ml Water

2 L Bottle:  200 grams Citric Acid  200 Grams Baking Soda  300 ml Water

5 L Bottle:  600 grams Citric Acid 600 Grams Baking Soda 600 ml Water


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