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8L, 13L, 23 L Commercial Rice Cooker Restaurant Hotel Rice Cooker Non Stick Pot

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Anti-dry burning, aviation aluminum heating plate, high temperature resistance, no burning plate, long life

Thickened and widened alloy liner, hard and durable, no deformation

Wide disc multi-ring heating system, heating more evenly and faster

Large capacity plot designed for hotels, restaurants, and spa

Simplify the use steps, micro switch, temperature control one key OK

The inner pot is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, strong and durable

High-quality strength non-stick coating, long-lasting non-stick

High-quality non-melting heating plate, longer use

Can be equipped with white liner, non-stick liner, natural hair color liner, stainless steel liner

One-piece stretch shell structure, strong and durable, not easy to deform


 the color is white  for 8L to 23L


 36L are white or black color


One year return to base warranty for all rice cookers


the 23 Litres and 36 Litres require 16 amp power point.


The 8,13,23,26 Liters  is pot size, not the cooking capacity


Pot Size for Rice Cooker

8L  28 cm Diameter  16 cm High

13L 33 cm Diameter 17 cm High

23L 39 cm Diameter 18 cm High

36L 45 cm Diameter 18 cm High



The commercial rice cooker doesn't come with measure cup

36 L is black or white color


Warranty is  one year return to Sydney base

Power Plug is SAA certify