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Chicken Plucker 50 cm Chicken Feather Plucker Machine Electric

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The chicken plucker is built to handle feather removal from chickens, ducks, pheasants and quail in as little as 10-30 seconds. This super chicken plucker machine has the capacity to handle up to 2-4 chickens in one spin. This machine is ideal for poultry farms or chicken supply shop.



Stainless steel

Comes with waterproof, on off switch and 4 mobile wheels

Comes with tube

Extra Large size is great for plucking many different birds

Feather discharge chute, keeps your feathers in one place

With the use of water and this plucker there will be no more mess to clean up

Uses 106 specially designed large fingers

Easy to transport as it has 2 handles 

Powered by a strong 220 volt motor

Plugs into a standard 220 volt Australian outlet


Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Material: 430 Stainless steel

Current draw: 1500w

Motor speed: 275r/min

Capacity: 3-4 Chickens a time

Barrel thickness: 0.6mm

Panels thickness: 0.3mm

Glue stick: 106 (56 on the barrel, 50 on the chassis)

Tub's Diameter: 500 mm (20")

Dimension: 570X570X880mm (22"x22"x34.5")

Package size: 580X580X910mm (22.8"x22.8"x35.8")

Weight: 45 kb (99lbs)

Package Content

1 X Poultry Plucker


This is heavy product may delivery to commercial address or pickup from near by depot