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6MM-32MM 20Pcs Spanner Set Metric + Rolling Bag

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6MM-32MM 20Pcs   Spanner Set Metric + Rolling Bag


20 pcs set:

Metric Sizes: 6MM 7MM 8MM 9MM 10MM 11MM 12MM 13MM 14MM 15MM 16MM 17MM  18M 19MM 21MM 22MM 24MM 27MM 30MM 32MM



6MM-32MM 20Pcs   Spanner Set Metric + Rolling Bag

1. High quality steel with chrome plated finish

2.Pressure and Erosion Resistant

3.Suitable for Long Time Industrial Usage

4.Anti Corrosion/Slip Surface

5.Flexible rotation, mainly used in auto repair machine repair. 


6. Item Color:silver