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64 Eggs Fully Automatic Farm Incubator Chicken Bird Quail Incubator Hatchery

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Product name: Automatic incubator
Capacity: 64 eggs
Size: 53*23*46cm
Weight: 4.9KG
Voltage: 110V/220V/12V battery
Power plug: European plug, American plug, battery plug, other plugs, please consult customer service.
Power: 50-80W
Supporting packaging: manual, incubator, plug, battery cable.
1. The appearance design adopts environmentally friendly plastic materials, which is beautiful and durable.
2. After setting the temperature and adding water, the whole process will hatch automatically. In the incubation process, the work can be completed automatically without manual operation.
3. One machine with multiple functions, can hatch eggs, duck eggs, poultry eggs, goose eggs, and can hatch all poultry eggs.
4. The egg shaft automatically rotates at a fixed time, and the egg shaft rotates at a time of 360 degrees, so that eggs of different sizes are heated evenly, and the success rate of hatching eggs is improved.
5. There is an LED light on the body, you can use the light to check the condition of the eggs by pressing the switch button. This is a very convenient and quick operation, no need to buy extra flashlight.
6. The water tank can add the corresponding amount of water according to their respective positions. When the amount of water is too much, it will automatically overflow to prevent the eggs from contacting the water.
7. One machine can complete three modes of hatching, shelling and brooding in one step.
8. The machine has a mute function, no working noise
9. It has an intelligent chip control system, which automatically controls temperature and humidity, and automatically warns of abnormal conditions. The entire incubation process went very smoothly.
10. In the event of a power failure, you can connect the power supply to the battery to continue working. The incubator supports 12V batteries and is equipped with wires to connect the batteries.
11. It is your most assured incubator. It is very worth buying. Not only suitable for home use, but also suitable for gifts 
to relatives and friends.