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5m Telescopic Aluminum Multipurpose Ladder Extension Alloy Step (2.5M + 2.5 M)

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Multipurpose Telescopic Folding Ladder Aluminum Alloy Extension Steps 2.5 + 2.5 meter



  1. Small shrinkage volume, various height adjustments, convenient storage.
  2. The balance bar increases the stability of the ladder body.
  3. The anti-skid pedal is widened, the steps are thicker and wider, and the standing is more stable.
  4. Small size, easy to put in the trunk, small space occupied, and closet can also be put.
  5. Thick aluminum alloy pedals, thick aluminum alloy pipes, high-quality safety locks.
  6. Strictly control the quality of raw materials and cast every detail with heart.

7.6063 aviation special aluminum material, high strength + light weight.

  1. Ladder fasteners are made of high-quality engineering plastics with good strength and high toughness.
  2. Upgrade engineering plastic parts, higher strength. Multi-level snap switch to prevent accidental pinching of hands.
  3. Brand new material, no peculiar smell. High tenacity nylon plastic parts, stable and not shaking.
  4. The middle part can be folded into a herringbone ladder and used in many occasions