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16 Inch (40 cm) Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 1/4 Quick Connector with Wheel

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Item Details:

-This is the most popular Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner now. Believe that you have found that more and more people use it in life to solve the cleaning jobs of the surfaces of the house.

-The humanized design ensures that you don't need to worry about it will cause you trouble during use.

-Hard Bristles firmly locks the sewage in the circle and you won't be soiled by the sewage.

-After you're done with a lot of cleaning, it still keeps yourself clean. Compared to the same type of Surface Cleaner, it is more worth your paying.

-Whether the walls, outdoor decking or paths, strong power of 3600PSI is the perfect solution for tougher floor cleaning jobs.

-Great for cleaning patios, driveways, decking, garages and many other hard floor surfaces.

-Effective large area cleaning accessory.Glides over the surface to be cleaned.

Specification :

1/4 inch plug for quick disconnection

Material:Plastic + stainless steel

Color: Black

Max pressure: 3600PSI

Max. Pressure:3600 psi(248 bar)

Max. Temperature : 140F° (60°C)

Max. Volume: 4gpm (151pm)

Pression maximale: 248 bar (3600 psl)

Temperatura maximale : 60℃ (140'F)

Package Contents:

1×pressure washer surface cleaner