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14 Pcs Bearing Puller Seperator Set Bearing Splitter Car Repair Tools Kit

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14 Pcs Bearing Puller Seperator Set Bearing Splitter Car Repair Tools Kit 


Specifications: small plate 35-50MM, large plate 50-75MM


☆ Pulling the bearing does not slip off ☆ Full contact, protect the bearing ☆ Ming Steel heat treatment, the quantity is guaranteed ☆ Unique pull plate, widely used in various gears, bearing disassembly and assembly operations ☆ Pull diameter: 30mm-105mm ☆ Pull Length: 220mm



The most important part of the service life is whether the bearing is used in the maintenance and use of the puller.

  1. User-friendly design - easy to operate
  2. Flexibility - the handle can be rotated 360 degrees for easy operation in all directions
  3. Protective - prevent damage to the shaft and pulled parts
  4. Efficient - save time
  5. Accessories - with 4~12 tons of puller attachments

Safety: With overload safety valve, the safety valve will be automatically unloaded when the pulling force exceeds the rated maximum load.

Easy to use: VHPT 20 ton and 30 ton pullers are equipped with new two-stage pumps

      The pumping process is easier and safer

Durable: the greater the pull

      The more the claw can clamp the pulled object, the more the arm will not bend or deflect.